More students are seeking an AI-powered school year

Key points:

  • Two out of three students seek outside homework and studying help
  • When used thoughtfully and in conjunction with teacher expertise, AI can be a powerful tool to enhance learning outcomes for students
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Students are gearing up for the 2023 school year, and new research from Brainly reveals the vital role of AI in education and its place as an integral element in middle and high school students’ academic life – even as educators debate and worry whether the revolutionary technology belongs in the classroom.

Brainly’s Back-to-School survey highlights a growing trend–66.5 percent of students in grades 6-12 actively seek external support for their homework and study needs. With 57 percent expressing concerns about excessive homework, it is evident that students are keen on finding additional resources to aid their academic progress. Forty-five percent of these students spend more than two hours daily on homework. 

Where are students going for help? To their AI tools. The research shows that 67 percent of middle and high school students are using AI to help with their schoolwork.

Notably, the survey confirms what parents and teachers experience daily: Mathematics is the most challenging subject, with 45.2 percent of students identifying it as their biggest academic hurdle. No other subject comes close in terms of difficulty, with English ​​(16.8 percent), history (14.7 percent), science (12.3 percent) and world languages (11 percent) following way behind.

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